When Reverse Engineering Becomes Reengineering

Our company name may be Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc. (CBS), but life extension — not necessarily circuit breakers — is our product. While more often than not, the product whose life is extended is a circuit breaker, it might also be a part, a complete medium-voltage substation, or anything in between. […]

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CBS Partners With LS Industrial Systems to Custom-Design Universal System for Los Angeles Utility

When the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) needed to replace some of its outdated oil breakers in 2017, Circuit Breaker Sales (CBS) was awarded the three-year contract to provide vacuum retrofill breaker systems inside pre-existing concrete vaults. The initial order in 2018 was for eight units. Satisfied with the work, in 2019 LADWP returned to CBS and ordered an additional 24 custom-designed breaker retrofills. […]

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The 2018 Q4 issue of Breaker Buzz has arrived!


Read All About It: The New Issue of Breaker Buzz Has Arrived! Group CBS is wrapping up 2018, which will be our most successful year yet. We’ve got lots of reasons to be thankful: burgeoning operations in the Midwest from Circuit Breaker Sales and Advanced Electrical & Motor Controls, Inc.; creative product delivery from CBS […]

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