Engineered Solutions

Electrical Engineering at Circuit Breaker Sales Co.Our electrical engineering department can design hardware to upgrade and retrofit your existing switchgear, design matching switchgear for expansion projects, and reverse engineer hard-to-find, obsolete, and foreign equipment. Our engineering staff has hundreds of years of combined experience designing switchgear, panelboards, and motor control centers for applications ranging from indoor installations to outdoor and safety-rated nuclear gear.

Using our state-of-the-art design facilities — which include 3D printing, fast prototyping, coordinate measurement machines (CMMs), and HAAS lathes — along with our in-house metal fabrication and manufacturing centers, Circuit Breaker Sales’ engineers can quickly design and manufacture any replacement part or specialty gear you need — without the long lead times common to larger OEM suppliers. When you need controls, circuit breakers, and switchgear rated up to 38kV, give Circuit Breaker Sales a call. Night and day, weekends and holidays, we are here to help.

Technician with Switchgear at Circuit Breaker Sales Co.