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In addition to stocking remanufactured PACS Industries circuit breakers, our experienced technicians and engineers can repair and recondition your PACS medium voltage circuit breakers and switchgear.

Need replacement vacuum interrupters, contact finger clusters or other renewal parts for your PACS circuit breaker? We have them! Just let us know your requirements.

PACS Industries Repair and Life Extension PartsLife extension services are our specialty: we can extend the useful life of your PACS switchgear and circuit breakers. Let us custom manufacture, reverse engineer and remanufacture parts and components that can save you thousands of dollars. Don’t replace your existing equipment… install our replacement vacuum interrupters. Have us remanufacture contacts and other electrical parts to economically extend the life of your existing PACS circuit breakers and switchgear.

Typical PACS Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Types and Models

  • Type VAH
  • Type VHA
  • Type VHAL
  • Model PHVX
  • Model PHAX
  • Model PHX
  • Model HAX
  • 15VAH5000
  • VAH 13.8-63-50-27
  • VAH 17-50-50-27
  • FBO3121525-FS
  • VS 680 334 vacuum interrupter
  • Publication PB 15VAH5000-0207-02

For more information on replacement parts and servicing PACS circuit breakers and switchgear, please contact:

Paul Grein
Toll Free: 800-232-5809 | Local: 940-665-4444 | Cell: 940-736-3381