Dry Type, Cast Coil & Liquid Filled Power Transformers

Circuit Breaker Sales supplies new and reconditioned dry type, cast coil, and liquid filled power transformers from 1000 to 5000 kVA with primary voltages from 2400 volts to 34.5kV.

We also offer custom design and manufacturing to fit your existing applications, matching lineups, and existing physical constraints. As an affiliate of Group CBS, we have access to full service manufacturing facilities that can duplicate any equipment quickly and efficiently. We guarantee custom buss fabrication to match existing equipment followed by fast delivery to your site.

Dry Type TransformersDry Type Transformers

Circuit Breaker Sales has substation quality dry-type power transformers available for immediate shipment.

If speed and custom fit are what you need, you’ve come to the right supplier. We can fabricate custom buss to match your requirements; and in a matter of hours ship any one of several hundred dry type power transformers from our stock.

Cast Coil Transformers

Cast Coil TransformersCircuit Breaker Sales specializes in substation-class, cast coil transformers from 1000kVA to 3750kVA. We stock many common ratings for same day shipment.

Cast resin transformers afford great operational savings in lower losses and reduced maintenance requirements. Please give us the opportunity to provide you information on why you should replace your failed dry or liquid filled power transformers with our superior Maxi-Cast cast resin product.

Maxi-Cast resin core substation class transformers. Download a free copy of the 16 page full color brochure describing Maxi-Cast cast coil substation class transformers.

Liquid Filled Transformers

Circuit Breaker Sales has partnerships with several major manufacturers to supply liquid filled power transformers. We also stock reconditioned liquid filled power transformers and have a strategic alliance with Sunbelt Transformer. We can package a transformer with our switchgear and provide you a quality, reliable package.

Liquid Filled Transformers