Load-Break Switches

Our line of fused and non-fused loadbreak switches can be stand-alone or close-coupled to a transformer. They can be supplied as a completely housed unit or just as a component.

We’ll provide a budgetary estimate based on your requirements. Just indicate your switch requirements and we’ll respond. If needed, we can provide dimensions and weights to help with your estimates. Need an estimate? Just ask us.

Fused and Non-Fused Loadbreak Switches

Available Specifications

Voltage: 2400 Volts – 34,500 Volts
Current (continuous): 200Amps – 1200 Amps
Short Circuit Rating: 20kA – 80 kA
Fuses: CL / Expulsion
Bus Ratings: Aluminum / Copper
Housing: Indoor / Outdoor
Configuration: Stand-alone / Duplex

load break switches