Worldwide Sales and Service

Group CBSby Group CBS, Inc.

 Affiliate companies are located across the U.S. providing fast, convenient contact, service, and support

 Largest inventory of new, surplus or reconditioned low and medium voltage power equipment and replacement parts available in North America

 Servicing of Class 1E nuclear rated switchgear and circuit breakers in compliance with 10CFR50 Appendix B

 Modern shop facilities with skilled engineers and technicians

 Comprehensive quality repair, rebuild, retrofit, retrofill, and life extension capabilities

 Emergency or scheduled electrical troubleshooting, testing and maintenance

 Remote racking systems for automatic racking of circuit breakers from a remote location

 Remote switch operators – actuators for automatic opening and closing circuit breakers and other control switches from a remote location

 We rent most equipment in our vast inventory

 For emergency requirements, we have quick access to charter aircraft and hot-shot trucks

The products we provide and service include:

  • Molded case circuit breakers
  • Insulated case circuit breakers
  • Low voltage power circuit breakers
  • Medium voltage air circuit breakers
  • Medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers
  • Medium voltage gas insulated circuit breakers
  • Load break switches
  • Protective relays
  • Breaker trip devices
  • Power fuses
  • Metering
  • Instrument transformers
  • Dry type transformers
  • Cast coil transformers
  • Switchgear
  • Low voltage motor controls
  • Medium voltage motor controls
  • Unit substations
  • Vacuum interrupters
  • Remote racking systems
  • Contacts for tap changers,
  • Regulators, reclosers & circuit breakers
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