At Circuit Breaker Sales, we work with virtually any manufacturer’s switchgear and can provide new or remanufactured switchgear, or we can match your obsolete or old switchgear with new GE PowerVac and WavePro breakers. We have extensive experience manufacturing, remanufacturing, and reconditioning switchgear using GE, Westinghouse, ABB and other manufacturers’ components. Circuit Breaker Sales’ switchgear equipment offerings include:

  • New or remanufactured
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Low voltage with main bus ratings to 6,000A and interrupting ratings to 200,000A
  • Medium voltage ratings to 38,000V and 1500MVA at 5,000A
  • Design, build & install matching lineups
  • New medium and low voltage GE switchgear
  • Work with any manufacturers switchgear

In addition to supplying new or remanufactured switchgear, we can match your obsolete or old switchgear with new GE PowerVac and WavePro breakers. Let us design and install matching lineups that incorporate modern relays. If you’re interested in retrofilling or retrofitting your obsolete switchgear with new vacuum or electronic technology, click here to learn more about Circuit Breaker Sales’ retrofill and retrofit services.

Our large inventory includes Siemens type GM38, 38kV, 1200A metal‐clad switchgear ready for cable‐in/cable‐out applications, complete with all accessories.

Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear - New and Remanufactured

Low Voltage Switchgear

Circuit Breaker Sales supplies new and remanufactured, indoor and outdoor, low voltage switchgear with main buss ratings up to 6,000 amperes and interrupting ratings up to 200,000 amperes. A few of the low voltage switchgear we keep in stock includes:

  • General Electric : AKD – AKD5 – AKD6 – AKD7 – AKD8
  • Westinghouse – Cutler-Hammer : DB – DS – DS-II – DSII Magnum
  • Siemens – Allis Chalmers : LA – RL – LK – MB
  • ABB – BBC – Gould – ITE : K LINE – KDON
  • Federal Pacific : DMB – FP – H – HL
  • Square D : Power Zone 1, 2, 3 & 4

New & Remanufactured Medium-Voltage Switchgear

We can supply indoor and outdoor, new or remanufactured medium voltage air and vacuum switchgear with ratings up to 38,000 volts and 1500MVA at 5,000 amperes. Same day delivery available in some cases. Some of Circuit Breaker Sales’ medium voltage switchgear stock include:

  • PACS Industries : PHVX – PHAX – VAH – VHA – VHAX – VHAL – PHX – HAX
  • General Electric : AMH Magna Blast – PowerVac
  • Westinghouse – Cutler-Hammer : VCP – VCPW
  • Square D : VAD 2 & 3 – VR – Fluarc SF6
  • ABB – BBC – Gould – ITE : HV – HK – FSV – MSV – VHK
  • Siemens – Allis Chalmers : MA – MB – FB – FC – 6MI – 3AF
  • Federal Pacific : DST – Solenarc 8P

New & Remanufactured Medium-Voltage Switchgear

CBS Can Match Your Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear Lineups

Installing new switchgear often means interrupted operations and costly downtime. Let Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair build switchgear to match your existing lineup to add feeders to an obsolete substation and similar applications.

Keep Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair in mind for adding circuit breakers to your old switchgear, or upgrading your older gear with new vacuum technology. Matching lineups are available from 600 V – 38 kV volts and can incorporate the latest solid state and protective devices.

Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear Lineups