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About Circuit Breaker Sales

About Circuit Breaker Sales

Circuit Breaker Sale Shop TechnicianCircuit Breaker Sales, a Group CBS company, specializes in the sale and service of low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers and other electrical power distribution equipment. From our modern 200,000-square-foot facility, we provide new, surplus, obsolete, and remanufactured electrical equipment and replacement parts from the largest inventory in the U.S.

Our inventory includes thousands of low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers– virtually every type manufactured in the U.S. since World War II. We will rent just about anything in our inventory.

We also have millions of replacement parts in stock. Our experienced engineers and technicians can supply you anything from a circuit breaker charging spring to a complete unit substation, either new, surplus, or remanufactured — and do it fast!

Life-extension services are our specialty. By utilizing the latest technologies, coupled with our many years of experience and modern shop facilities, we can cost-effectively upgrade your apparatus via retrofit, retrofill, or matching existing lineups.

Quality is free at Circuit Breaker Sales! Circuit Breaker Sales is ISO 9001 2008 certified; and our entire staff, including sales, engineering, assembly, test, and shipping, are skilled professionals who are committed to providing our customers quality products and services. We have comprehensive quality assurance procedures and full electrical testing capabilities including an in-house 200kV impulse generator to test BIL withstand. All new or remanufactured equipment is covered by a one year parts and labor warranty.

Circuit Breaker Sales is also Environmentally Certified. We have a fully developed and implemented ISO 14001 compliant environment management system and have been issued ISO 14001 2004 Certification.

Circuit Breaker Sales is a charter member of PEARL – the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recycling League. The mission of PEARL is to create a marketable distinction in quality, safety, and integrity for PEARL members in the eyes of their customers. PEARL membership is validation of our longstanding commitment to quality and adherence to the highest standards, and strict technical, safety, and operational requirements to ensure the proper recycling and reuse of electrical power equipment.

We also members of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), RIC (Remanufacturing Industries Council), and an involved member of NFPA, NETA, IEEE, MERA, and many other organizations.

As the Group CBS flagship company, we provide you access to the industry’s largest inventory of low- and medium-voltage apparatus and parts, plus on-site service and comprehensive shop repair, remanufacturing, and life-extension capabilities.

For shop and on-site field servicing of Class 1E safety-related low- and medium-voltage switchgear and circuit breakers, contact our affiliate CBS Nuclear Services, Inc.

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