Denver Service Shop Keeps Data Centers Online After Transformer Is Damaged

When a cooling system sprung a leak, Circuit Breaker Sales was able to keep data centers running while damaged equipment was replaced.

Data centers have become an essential part of our society, as they store, process, and transmit critical information for just about everything we do. So keeping them online when the power fails is crucial for businesses around the world.

When an office building at a Colorado business center suffered a glycol leak, major companies housed there were desperate to keep their data centers online so that critical operations such as payroll weren’t interrupted.

Glycol is used to keep data center equipment cool, but on July 26, a leak in the building’s cooling system filled a room on the sixth floor with liquid, which also spilled down bus ducts to the floors below. The Circuit Breaker Sales Denver Service Shop (formerly Rocky Mountain Breaker Services) was called in right away to assess the damage.

The CBS team quickly sourced new equipment to replace what was damaged.

Once on site, the CBS team determined that power transformers used to transfer energy between circuits, bus ducts that distribute electrical power via long conducting tracks, and bus plugs that feed power to bus ducts to power equipment were all damaged and would need to be replaced. The first priority, however, was to keep the data centers energized with temporary power.

Once temporary power was established, CBS salesman Brian Smith worked with his many industry contacts to source equipment others could not have located. A replacement transformer, new bus ducts, and new bus plugs were delivered to the site on Saturday, August 6. The equipment installation was completed in one week, and on August 15 the Denver team performed final testing so the building could be reenergized.

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