Maintain Your Load Tap Changers to Avoid Costly Transformer Downtime

A load tap changer (LTC) is a device that is installed on a power transformer to regulate its output voltages as load fluctuates throughout the day. Unlike a circuit breaker, an LTC is designed to operate hundreds of times a week. Yet it is often overlooked in power distribution maintenance.

If or when an LTC fails, the entire transformer is out of service until the LTC is repaired, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars every hour for a utility. Circuit Breaker Sales Service Shops offer LTC kits that include all current-carrying components needed to repair and maintain the load tap changer. All components have been engineered to meet manufacturer specifications.

Moving contacts, such as the McGraw-Edison part seen above, are made in-house so no outsourcing is needed. McGraw-Edison stopped producing this style of LTC in the mid-1980s. With thousands of these units still in service, Circuit Breaker Sales can continue to extend the life of LTCs for years to come.

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