Remanufacturing Electrical Equipment Has Environmental and Economic Benefits

Returning used electrical equipment to like-new condition through remanufacturing is a sustainable way to get more out of your equipment while using fewer natural resources. Remanufacturing is a good practice environmentally and economically, as it keeps equipment out of landfills and supports thousands of jobs.

Group CBS recognizes the importance of remanufacturing and was proud to sponsor an effort to proclaim April 14 Remanufacturing Day in the state of Connecticut, headquarters of Group CBS affiliate Circuit Breaker Sales NE.

Organizations such as the Remanufacturing Industries Council and the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) celebrate Global Reman Day on April 14 each year to advance the remanufacturing industry. The US House of Representative recently expressed its support for Remanufacturing Day.

Circuit Breaker Sales Service Shops have the technical and engineering staff to professionally repair, remanufacture, and recondition your electrical equipment. Our team starts by closely examining equipment to determine what steps are necessary to return it to safe operating condition. Equipment is fully disassembled to ensure that there are no mechanical or electrical issues before it is cleaned, lubricated, and fully restored. Worn or defective components are restored or replaced, and surfaces are replated and repainted. Remanufactured equipment will meet or exceed its expected life span.

Our remanufacturing services include:

  • Disassembly
  • Visual and mechanical evaluation
  • Component replacement and reconditioning
  • Testing both before and after the remanufacturing process
  • All standard maintenance procedures as dictated by the OEM
  • Full documentation of test results and equipment performance after the remanufacturing process is completed

Circuit Breaker Sales Service Shop technicians ensure that your equipment will perform as well or better than it did when it rolled off the assembly line. To return your aging electrical equipment to like-new condition, contact us today!