Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Molded Case Circuit BreakersWe stock new, surplus, obsolete and reconditioned industrial-class molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) made by every major manufacturer including ABB, Cutler Hammer, Federal Pacific, General Electric, ITE,  Siemens, Square D and Westinghouse.

Industrial-class molded case circuit breakers are commonly utilized in panelboards, switchboards, motor control centers, control panels and combination starters. Whether it’s a 100A single-phase panel breaker or a 3-phase 4000A drawout main molded case circuit breaker with ground fault protection, we can deliver from our extensive inventory.

To ensure proper operation, all of our molded case circuit breakers are electrically tested prior to shipment.

Due to consolidation in the electrical industry, some molded case circuit breakers have been sold under more than one brand name. Among the manufacturers’ molded case circuit breakers that we sell and service are:

  • General Electric molded case circuit breakers:
    Types E-Line, F-Line, FBV, FBN, FCN, FCV, K-Line, TB, TC, TE, TF, TFJ, TFK, TG, THLC, TJ, TJJ, JTK TK, TKL, TKM, TLB4, TKM, TED, TP, Spectra
  • Cutler-Hammer /Westinghouse / Eaton molded case circuit breakers:
    Series C, Series G, BZM series, LZM series, NZM series, Type CRD, CRDC, MDN-C20, PA, PAF, PB, PBF, PC, PCA, PCC, PCCF, PCCFG, PCCFGA, PCCGA, PCF, PCFA, PCFG, PCFGA, PCGA, RD, RDC, RGC, RGH
  • Siemens / ITE molded case circuit breakers:
    3VF, BL, BQ, CE3, CP3, CQD, CR3, E frame, HK frame, HRB frame, J frame, Type CJ3, L frame, M frame, N frame, P frame, Q frame, SHK, SKMF, SKPF, VL 
  • ABB / BBC molded case circuit breakers:
    Tmax series
  • Gould / ITE / Cutler Hammer molded case circuit breakers:
    E frame: E2, E4, E6, ED, EE, EF, EH, HHED, HE2, HE3, HE4, HE6; F frame: F63, FD, FJ2, FJ3, FJ6, CLF, FXD, HFXD; J frame: CJ3, HJ3, HJ6, HJD, JD2, JD6, JJ3, JJ6, JL2, JL3, JXD, SCJ, SJD; L frame: LJ6, LL6, LMXD, LXD, SHLD, SLD, HLD; M frame: KMB, KM3, MD6, SKM, SCM; N frame: HN3, HNXD, NXD, ND6, CND, SND; P frame: HP, KP3, PXD; QJ frame: QJ2, QJ3; SB frame: SBH; SHK frame: SHK
  • Square D / Schneider Electric molded case circuit breakers:
    Type 9, Type, A1B, Type A1L, D frame, E frame, F frame, G frame, H frame, I frame, J frame, K frame, L frame, M frame, N frame, NW frame, P frame, Q frame, R frame, SE frame, Type Y1B
  • Westinghouse molded case case circuit breakers:
    Type CA, Type CAH, Type CD, Type DA, E frame, F frame, HCA frame, J frame, K frame, L frame, M frame, N frame, P frame, Type RE
  • Federal Pacific Electric / FPE molded case circuit breakers:
    NE, NEF, NFJ