CBS-FL, AEO Help Keep Florida Power & Light Project on Track

Paige Hahn, Circuit Breaker Sales–Florida (CBS-FL), received a call from Electro Design Engineering (EDE). Referred by Florida Power & Light (FP&L), EDE was in need of a quick solution.

At the FP&L Riviera Plant, EDE was supplying and installing three 600 HP soft starts for motors. EDE ordered the soft starts last year from ABB, but ABB could not meet its quoted lead-time for the soft starts, leaving EDE and FP&L in the lurch

Hahn had recently received information about Arkansas Electrical Outlet (AEO) from Noelle Cadoret, and Hahn immediately contacted Billy Paulman at AEO. Paulman’s team quickly responded to the task at hand and within three days shipped three new Cutler-Hammer soft start rentals to match the specs needed by EDE.

CBS-FL was asked to supply field service support on the installation of the motors as well as perform a bump test. The install and test went extremely well, and FP&L was pleased. Because CBS-FL responded so quickly with the help of AEO, FP&L now plans to purchase all three rental motors and cancel the ABB order.