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Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc., a Group CBS company, specializes in the sale and service of low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers and other electrical power distribution equipment. From our modern 200,000-square-foot facility, we provide new, surplus, obsolete, and remanufactured electrical equipment and replacement parts from the largest inventory in the U.S.

Extra! Extra! The Latest Breaker Buzz Is Here!

Check out the latest successes, news stories, announcements, awards, events, and milestones. In the latest issue of Group CBS' Breaker Buzz, you'll find:

  • CBS' quick thinking helps customer avoid millions in downtime
  • CBSNE opens new training facility and christens it with sold-out seminar
  • PEARL's ANSI electrical reconditioning standard and technician certification
  • NETA's new ANSI/NETA ECS-2015 standard
  • CBS ArcSafe and CBAnalyzer win Plant Engineering 2014 Product of the Year awards
  • Vacuum Interrupter ships first CBT-1201 timer units
  • Group CBS names Bill Teets GM of CBS&S
  • And much more
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The View From Flight Level 410

In the past, the Buzz has carried many of my words about our people at Group CBS and our desire to find, hire, and mentor the best people we can find.
This time, I take keyboard in lap at flight level 410 on an American Airlines flight to Chicago for the IEEE Power & Energy Society Transmission & Distribution Conference and Exposition.

Group CBS has many new and exciting things to talk about, but first let's get the message out that I have been harping on lately:

The definition of reliability seems to be the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. This is something we need to explore further.

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Circuit Breaker Certification

Manufacturers change protection methodologies found in low- voltage power, insulated-case, and molded-case circuit breakers constantly. Some of these changes are in response to new requirements such as NFPA 70, NFPA 70E, UL, and other standards. Other changes are simply improved methods to help a manufacturer garner a larger market share.

Before discussing testing and certification techniques for low-voltage circuit breakers (Part II of this story), here is an overview of some common types—and some misconceptions.

I2t/I4t Response Type

By default, digital electronic devices have an on/off nature. For example, in a low-voltage breaker trip unit, when a short-time set point is reached, the trip unit goes into pickup, and the timing circuit starts the countdown to the trip time based on the short-time delay setting. The result is a very discrete and square time-current curve across all protective functions.

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